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Rebekah LovejoyMy name is Rebekah Lovejoy. I was raised in the counterculture. My mother was a “red diaper baby,” the daughter of black listed communists. She was active in the Anti-War movement and other late 60s era consciousness projects. My father came from a bohemian expatriate childhood and became a left wing political organizer, and then a Maoist. My mother and stepfather, who I lived with, then decided to follow the “back to the land” trend, and I was immersed in a hippie lifestyle until junior high. We then moved for financial reasons to the suburbs of a Middle American town, and I was forced to fit in. Because of this upbringing and my later experiences in high school, college, and the work force, I have made very specific decisions about my own relationships, work, lifestyle choices, and even my parenting.

I discovered that I was not the first to come to such decisions while reading the childhood memoirs of Louisa-May Alcott. Alcott experienced a style of communal living similar to the communes of the 1960s and 70s when her father and several other transcendentalists, decided to create a utopian community in New England. Reading her experience and contrasting it with her common sense novels for young adults I was heartened. Alcott had found a way through her childhood to become a whole person who was able to transform the emotional confusion of her early years into art that incorporated both the good of her father’s values with the life lessons of her own suffering at the hands of his ideology. I too want to be able to take what I have experienced and make it useful. My counterculture upbringing gave me a feeling of being a permanent outsider in the world. This feeling of isolation in my teens led me to seek out those with similar backgrounds. I have chosen to take this propensity and turn it into a study.

I currently live in the mountains above Santa Barbara, California with my husband and three small children. We are attempting to resuscitate 40 acres of land in between raising children, working, attending school, doing art, participating in community, and remaining married. I attend Pacifica Graduate Institute where I am working towards a PhD in Mythological Studies with an Emphasis in Depth Psychology. I hold a Masters Degree in the same subject and Bachelors Degrees in Art and Film Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara.